Collins 3

Southeastern, USA

The American city scenery of this project has powerful relations with its natural landscape. Located in the coast, with amazing beaches and a glamorous summer, its populations has a lifestyle connected to nature, health and wellbeing. Following this conviction, the architecture of the tower embraces this joyful vivacity creating a unique structure. The adopted strategy was a torsion of the higher portion of the traditional tower.  Through this action, there is an increase of the lower levels views and an increase of the balconies of the upper floors.
The building carry large balconies and comfortable units specially designed for the maximum coziness of the users. Two vertical displacement cores were positioned in the center of the building to enable a flexible floor plan, allowing units unification both vertically and horizontally, besides providing private accesses for each apartment. Pedestal is dedicated to amenities to meet the mentioned lifestyle. Pools strategically positioned in the east and west sides of the site expand contact with the natural environment and capture the best of sun light.