Collins 2

Southeastern, USA

A naturalistic experience. This is the conceptual guideline of this project. The feelings of relaxation and invigoration motivated the selection of colors, textures and shapes that allowed the use of architecture as a mere framework of the beautiful natural landscape. A simple, yet sculptural object rising with smooth lines that promotes this “classy softness”. The general neutral appeal proposes the viability of a classical and poetic perception of  dwelling: a place to witness the rebirth of humanistic values that celebrate life and beauty.

The location in a singular landscape of the American coast, surrounded by the sea and an exquisite creek suggests an east-west connection to create a perfect belvedere to the sunrise and sunset.  It is a building designed through an architectural language based on the exploitation of this energy, where sophistication and simplicity meet to conceive contemporary apartments that can be qualified as true urban spas.

To achieve this daring goal, duplex and flat apartments layouts were planned to guarantee true-view, positioning elevators and stairs in the center of the construction with private accesses ensuring exclusivity and safety.