“Our professional dedication is embodied in pleasure of the constant and gradual improving of each process, translating at this act just the essence of the universal evolution.”

Here you will check our commitment to technical methodologies.

PBA is committed to excellence. Our goals are to meet the specific demands and expectations of our clients working with a selected group of multi-talented professionals who have the capacity to understand different cultures, life-styles and functional needs. While using all their energies and modern technologies the team at PBA advocate for a responsible and efficient architecture, ensuring great respect for the community, to the spatial context and mainly to the final user of the building. Collaborative processes and participative methodologies, mutually earned by the research, creation and developmental teams, are steps to the completion of this large scale undertaking, guided by the major values of our vision: legacy, efficiency, holism, and clearly dedication.We are not satisfied unless the clients are overjoyed with their dream.

Every single project is different with unique requests and different sets of problems and limitations. However, at PBA we are up for these challenges and set forth to deliver the highest quality and standard product for our clients. Thus, we pursue the maximum efficiency of the building, using all potential offered by the architectural art to achieve this excellence in our projects that involves not only our direct clients, but also the expectation of the local community. With the collaboration of a dynamic and multidisciplinary team, ensuring this high quality of our productions, we associate the market trends to the good architecture guidelines, reaching innovative results that promote this efficiency. We capture all variables of each one of our developments and, humbly, work to overcome the difficulties, adding new potentials and possibilities.