Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2017 | 2018

The Fiammetta restaurant chain, with more than 10 years of performance, always represented pioneerism to the Rio de Janeiro’s food market. It was the first to elevate the pizza recipe to a high gastronomy level, without leaving the traditional and delicious Italian origin of its menu. Pursuing to maintain this originality and keep surprising its sophisticated and passionate costumers, a new project for the stores was planned through an architecture that characterized the brand’s elegance into comfortable and pleasant spaces designed to enjoy a pleasant meal.

Combining the brand inspiration, derived from the Giovanni Boccaccio’s feminine novel, as well as the preparation of the traditional wood-fired pizza, warm tones and wood permeate this project, warming ambiances, creating an intensely and outstanding identity for the restaurant. Straight lines and the simple efficient layout help to rationalize the project, sharing space with the sculptural wood ceiling and panels of this composition. Thus, the balance is achieved, with no loses related to the complicity of the architecture with the art.