“Our holistic vision allows us to see sites as places of intergenerational relations, capable to transmit collective memories, philosophy and poetic questions.”

Here you will understand the foundations of our professional practice.

The holistic view is essential to our creations. Project is conducted through this unique vision from start to finish, as we pursue to get involved with the building from its architectural conception to its final decoration and general ambiance. Every different team at PBA works together to ensure, that this overview stays on course during the whole process. In essence, this is the most difficult and yet rewarding part of our conception. Going deeper, this idea represents our way to see architecture with a market eye, but also understanding its artistic and urban values. In the end, this humanistic approach leads us to greater results and success for the project.

Holism can be explained as a wholeness generated by the addition of energy from nature to the project. The blending of man and nature enhances our design and causes our clients and final users a feeling of harmonious and balance. Adopt this sensible guideline means to create cohesive and consistent objects, products of an architecture that intensely communicates with people and its space of insertion. A work where the efforts to truly understand needs and desires of a special group of people or a specific place culminates in the major expression of an ideal, a conviction, joined with a brave desire of reaction. For PBA professionals, to work with this holistic view is to open eyes to all design aspects, respecting demands of each client, using available resources and considering special conditions to create solid, but versatile spaces, untied to any kind of transformation.