“Our main goal is to see our cognitive, artistic and technical efforts, rendered into legacies that could be able to contribute, effectively, with the social aggrandizement.”

Here we share with you our goals and internationals honors.

Our design is focused on a long term vision. With wide experience and successful actions, we seek the longevity of our projects with the simple goal that they will withstand the test of time as much powerful as in the moment of their conception. Sustainability, innovation and rationality are the tools used by our team to guarantee timeless buildings with the PBA signature. We believe architecture has the power of social transformation and spatial regeneration. Therefore, our work is committed to a mature and conscious architecture which aims to achieve solutions based on the architectural tradition allied to contemporaneity, connected with its context of insertion and always contributing something new.

Thus, we heavily have followed this path for over twenty years, with an outstanding performance companied by important and solid client companies that share our goals and visions. We have forested strong partnerships that have as common objectives, the commitment to create quality ventures which increase values to its respective surroundings and people that will establish relations with them, and the immerse in each project , acting in different social issues, dialoguing with communities and operating for their benefit. Hence we took our journey and we have grown into a significant office, with achievements throughout different Latin American cities. Now, we are ready to contribute to the evolution of contemporary architecture throughout other parts of the world.