"The displacement of primordial gravitational waves uprising generate ondulatory wave movements of energy in a spiral pattern, witnesses the emergence of the universe."

"Just as a boat imprints waves in the sea, the energy resulting from the birth of the cosmos wrinkles the universal fabric as it travels."

"Architecture searches in nature the justification of its own existence as a form of integration and also the connection with infinite life cycles."

"Like all elements, water bears witness to the conflicted temperament of nature, its transitoryal and cyclical essence like the waves in the sea."

"Living the fullness of contemporaneity means to admit the need of complexity and diversity as sustainable sources of our existence."

"Each architecture, every building as well as man and nature progress a circadian rhythm of transforming under the light of the sun and also of the moon."

"Poetic-philosophical arguments are capable of adding meaning to forms and spaces constructing identity and connecting with its users."

"The desire to transcend time and space makes holism a possible tool of integration between man and nature, perpetuating generations."