Complexo Santos Dumont

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2013 | 2015

This terrific scenery declared World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO, Sugar Loaf inspires the city of Rio de Janeiro and, obviously, this renovation work. A beautiful and poetic landscape where nature expresse its monumental shapes and vibrant colors, identity of this famous downtown.

A literally reception of the city, project is the total revitalization of a current deactivated airport building, transforming it into a complete center of hotel services and retail through an architecture which aims to celebrate this amazing view.

This complex is an audacious project, located by the bay of Guanabra, in the magnificent natural landscape of Rio de Janeiro. Bossa Nova Shopping welcomes ‘cariocas’ and visitants arriving in the city by the Santos Dumont airport.
The project involved the revitalization of an existing building located next to the airport, that housed offices of old aviation companies, and its surrounding areas transforming them into this powerful mixed use complex containing a three hundred rooms hotel, the Bossa Nova mall with retail stores and restaurants, besides five floors of offices.
This work represents the complete transformation of the current area, responsible for the first and the last contact with the city, to an exceptional experience. It is a new and bold equipment planned by a delicate architecture capable to join concepts like exclusivity, originality and sophistication with the carioca’s subtlety, accentuating the local identity.