“Our holistic vision allows us to see sites as places of intergenerational relations, capable to transmit collective memories, philosophy and poetic questions.”

Here you will understand the foundations of our professional practice.

Holism is one of the main foundations of our creations. The project is driven through a single vision, from beginning to end. From volumetric design to the selection of finishing materials, all PBA teams work together, ensuring that this visionary differential remains throughout the process. Essentially, this is the biggest challenge and also the most rewarding part of our technical-artistic conceptions. More deeply, this concept translates into an interest in understanding the whole, the multiple cyclical facets of time and the duality between transience and perenniality, in the architectural-urban space. This metaphysical and also humanistic approach provides the formulation of original architectural epiphanies, of a poetic-philosophical nature, committed to the transmission of memory and interpretation of the collective unconscious.

The history and theory of architecture have always been the main sources of inspiration for Paulo, since his academic life. The perfect understanding of the different architectural languages and their applicability in different urban contexts, was the basis for the elaboration of a universal language of its own. Blending science and technique with conceptual empiricism, Paulo, from an early age, expressed his desire to formulate a sui generis architectural-intellectual legacy. This challenge motivated him to carry out numerous study trips throughout his professional career, always counting on the company and support of Fábio. Thus, the founders of PBA, from the beginning of its idealization, were concerned with personally experiencing immersive experiences in different countries and in Brazil itself, with an emphasis on cultural evolution and self-knowledge.

The stylistic erudition, the strong investment in research and the pleasure in identifying and formulating trends, favored an early performance in the most qualified Brazilian real estate market, where Paulo refined his technique, conceiving his first authorial works. With a clear vision of the context and awareness of the cyclical spatiality, projects were produced with a remarkable maturity and solidity. At this moment, a consistent repertoire of contemporary-classical solutions was consolidated, adopted with criteria and precision in memorable projects, which testify to the success of an original methodological process. It was fifteen years of great contribution in the design of high-end residential buildings, mainly in the city of Rio de Janeiro, materializing in this segment the company’s very first tangible legacy.

The creative fusion of humanist thinking with the holistic universe enabled the rapid expansion of the legacy, also bringing international recognition. Five awards given by ICSC, International Council of Shopping Centers, and countless other national awards testify to the excellence and respectability of our processes. Convinced that everything comes from and returns to nature, the transcendent holistic vision qualified Paulo and subsequently the entire PBA team, for ever greater transformational challenges, linked to the planning of innovative commercial projects, mixed-use complexes and the new urbanism. With full technical mastery, the integrity of a personalized architectural language, with a contextual nature, was built, committed to the authentic cultural, naturalistic and sociological expression of the place to which it is intended.

Focusing on hard and determined work, we believe that our resilience, dynamism and determination help us to always create expressive differentials. Because we are in constant improvement, seeking new concepts and technologies that promote the evolution of processes, methodological refinement, recycling and constant qualification of our team, overcoming management challenges and always expanding results. Aware that our works provoke in clients and end users a feeling of harmony and balance, imbued with a courageous desire to respond, we produce architectural and urbanistic works that manage to touch the soul of a community. We create contemporary, versatile and open spaces for future transformations. Finally, we are gratefully aware that we deliver a project in the form of happiness.