“We are moved by challenges, which often surpass our specialties, but always provide us opportunities of research, innovation and professional growth."

On this page you will learn about a selection of different architectural types developed by PBA.

Jundiaí Shopping

São Paulo, Brazil
2008 | 2012

Shopping Taquara

Southeast, Brazil
2010 | 2022


Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
2021 | (in progress)

Shopping Novo Jardim

Central-West, Brazil
2019 | (in progress)

Game Station

Pernambuco, Brazil
2019 | 2020


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2017 | 2018

Santa Rosa

Niterói, Brazil
2016 | (in progress)

Rua Carioca

Southeast, Brazil
2014 | (in progress)

The Olympic fireball summarizes the joy found resulted of our effort. This figure of speech inspired the creation of this small shopping center connected to the athletes’ village planned for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

This venture will represent the top space of socialization in the Olympic Village designed to be transformed into a fashionable private residential neighborhood after the games. The highlight for the fireball emphasizes the great intangible legacy: human relationships.

Shopping Nova Iguaçu

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2012 | 2016

Friction Between Stones, dynamic displacement between rocks, was an important reference image to the creation of this project: a regional mall set in an deactivated quarry.

The urban and environmental requalification represents the major legacy of this project located in Nova Iguaçu, a highly populated city, suburb of Rio de Janeiro.

Marina Mall

Central-West, Brazil
2013| (in progress)

The floating aquatic plants perform the transposition of three elements of nature: earth, water and air. This sophisticated movement was transferred to the design of this exclusive mall. Legal limitations determined the flat shape of this project, a challenge transformed into its biggest differential: the total connection between lake and architecture through all scales, including the delicate size of a floating aquatic plant.

Juá Garden Shopping

Bahia, Brazil
2012 | 2016

Shopping Manaus Via Norte

Manaus, Brazil
2011 | 2014

São Paulo Plaza Shopping

Southeast, Brazil
2011 | (in progress)

The Matsuri Harvest Feast, ancient ritual of thanksgiving for good results of crops, was the key of inspiration to architectural interconnection between a new shopping mall and the old historical agricultural shed of Japanese immigrants’ cooperative.

The legal restrictions related to the preservation of the historic shed and the red carp fish; gift from the Emperor of Japan during his official visit to this cooperative, make this project an iconic reference of Japanese immigration in Brazil.

Pátio Alcantara

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2010 | 2014

Business Center

Southeast, Brazil
2010 | (in progress)

Pátiomix Costa Verde

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2009 | 2010

Norte Sul Plaza

Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
2008 | 2011

Shopping Contagem

Minas Gerais, Brazil
2008 | 2013

Shopping Sete Lagoas

Minas Gerais, Brazil
2007 | 2010

Boulevard São Gonçalo

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2007 | 2010

Shopping Vila Olímpia

São Paulo, Brazil
2007 | 2009