“Besides the aesthetical and functional updates, each renovation brings in itself the possibility of a spatial resignation through the subjective insertion of cultural, poetic and philosophical values.”

Here you will find a selection of our most expressive renovations.

Complexo Santos Dumont

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2013 | 2015

Diamond Mall

Belo Horizonte, Brazil
2020 | 2022

BH Shopping

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Shopping Recife – Food court

Recife, Brazil


Boa Vista

São Paulo, SP
2021 (in process)

Shopping Grande Rio

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Shopping Taboão

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Shopping Bay Market

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2013 | 2015

The caravel voyage, harmonic symbiosis between water and air, has been the focal point of this masterplan spatial composition: an intermodal station integrated to a shopping center located in one of the most iconic bays in the southern hemisphere.

Located by the Guanabara Bay, a strategic point of maritime and land transportation between the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Niteroi and represents the renovation of this core inspired by the poetic atmosphere of the charming trip on the city waters.

North Shopping Fortaleza

Ceará, Brazil
2012 | 2016

In the semiarid clime of the Northeast, it is possible to find these fascinating images. They are vertical rock exposures, which defines paradisiac sceneries by the coast, creating unique places of rare beauty. Cliffs of Ceará are part of the Brazilian imaginary and thus, are also the first step of the creative thought of this project.

The reddish colors and the dramaticity involved on the relations of the cliffs with the beach give the tone of this renovation work of a big important retail center: the North Shopping Fortaleza.

Boulevard Rio Shopping

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2012 | 2015

Shopping Recife

Pernambuco, Brazil
2010 | 2013

Hard stone sculptured by the sea water marks natures and gives the city name. The reef stones house a dense biodiversity, representing the essence of Recife, a symbol of this urban space full of contrasts and meetings: of the rivers with the ocean, plain lands with mountains, the relations between the old and the young, the popular and the erudite, social disparities, freedom revolutions and ideological conflicts. In the celebration of these differences which represents this town, the renovation and expansion project of the most important retail center of Recife was born.

Plaza Shopping Niterói

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2009 | 2013 | 2018

Botafogo Praia Shopping

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2009 | 2012

Shopping Campo Grande

Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
2009 | 2011

Under the palm tree shade. Scenery of peace and intense nature connection. The feeling related to this imaginary brings the conceptual energy to the renovation project of Shopping Campo Grande.

The chase of a classier and, at the same time, cozy space was the main guideline to understand the palm tree image as the creative epiphany of the project. It is an architecture that breathes this atmosphere of sophistication and above all, serenity.

Shopping Anália Franco

São Paulo, Brazil
2007 | 2009

Amazonas Shopping

Amazonas. Brazil
2007 | 2010


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2006 | 2008

Goiânia Shopping

Goiás, Brazil
2006 | 2010

The pure, simplified and geometric sophistication of the art-decó inspires the architecture throughout the world. Setting identity to uncountable buildings, the vertical lines and the decorative efforts express a singular artistic delicacy. These simple and classy features find space in this renovation project.

An intense work of revitalization develops under this unique style, breathing the outback culture of the locality, establishing a contemporary movement between these atmospheres.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2004 | 2009