“Regional icons are multiplying their attractions, embodying entertainment and associative activities, emphasizing the gregarious purposes of the communities to which they destine.”

Here we chose few of our malls with regional goals.

Shopping Metropolitano Barra

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2008 | 2013

An urban mountain ride, democratic symbol of leisure in Rio de Janeiro, was the background of the spatial composition of this regional mall. The responsibility to create a large project at a time of so many celebrations in the city, guided the choice of the main concept of this design: the Tijuca Forest, the largest urban forest in the world, present in all mountains of the city. This sense of centrality is now required by this last generation mixed use, as a way of alluding to its own address: The Metropolitan Center.  

ParkShopping Canoas

South, Brazil
2013 | 2017

Canoing on the Lagoon, impressionist artistic inspiration and also an ordinary relaxing moment between man and nature was the strongest creative stimulus for this design: a mixed use complex integrated into a public park.

This project is located in the south of Brazil, a region of intense concentration of European immigrants. This fact and the origin of the city of Canoas, old district of canoes factories, guided the creation of a new artificial lake and the aerodynamic structural shapes of the architecture.

ParkShopping São Caetano

São Paulo, Brazil
2008 | 2011

The industrial origin of the Project location, the Espaço Cerâmica, as well as the historical vocation of its macro region, brought image of the project creation: the post-industrial gears. An essential element for the modern society that carries a conceptual luggage of power, energy, structuration and collective work.

Through these ideas, project develops chasing the rationalization of these concepts through a singular architectural design, which fits into a urban grid in this new neighborhood of São Paulo.

Cristal Tower

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
2009 | 2011


Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
2006 | 2008

Nights stroll by the River. The images of the poetic night cross in this river of Porto Alegre inspire the architectural composition of this regional mall. City lights shining on the water surface make up unique urban sceneries.

By the shores of River Guaíba, this project seeks the relation with the local landscape, in its illuminated solar chimneys, glazed facades in an attempt to drain the architecture on the waters keeping their volumetry lit like floating river lanterns.

Templo das Nações

São Paulo, Brazil
2021 | (in progress)

Isla de Angenopolis

South-Central, Mexico
2015 | (in progress)

A Man-made Hill is a possible archaeological metamorphosis, a memorial transmission through generations. This poetic license helped the aesthetic structuring of this mixed use project that honors the Battle of Puebla, witness of the Mexican resistance.

The historical and natural heritages of Puebla have a monumental scale, transported to this complete mixed use complex composed by three residential towers, offices and a distinguished commercial center. The visual power of this venture is proportional to the new powerful urban area of Angenópolis, where project is located. 

Garden Towers

Southeast, Brazil
2015 | (in progress)

The sparkle and the geometry of crystals provoke emotions since the antiquity. The singularity allied to the harmonic symmetries of these structures perfectly elucidates the sense of tridimensional organization related to this composition, besides the sophistication of this prominent renovation work.

A delicate project that highs limpid unusual objects, in balance with a complete building revitalization. It is the solidification of a landscape through crystals that emerge in a cloudy space, lavishing contemporaneity.

Parque São Paulo

Southeast, Brazil
2014 | (in progress)

Pure Water Molecule, synonymous of life and renewal, was the focal point of this spatial composition: an optimistic opinion associated with the urban regeneration and integration between public and private spaces.

This project probably will turn into the major center of retail and entertainment of the most thriving city of Latin America: São Paulo.

Complexo Metropolitano

Northeast, Brazil
2013 | (in progress)

Life in society and people relations with nature are responsible for the creation and transformation of urban spaces. Cities are products of these interactions, representing a specific culture. Reliant of this concept, this masterplan develops to complete a scenery of varied connections and achievements.

Project offers a mixed use complex with different typologies expanding a solid retail core, rescuing this community sense. It is a new center of intense dialog with the city that seeks this natural energy through architecture, promoting collectivity of private spaces, reaffirming the enterprise power.

Continente Park Shopping

Santa Catarina, Brazil
2010 | 2012

The urban horizon view   of the Florianopolis Island is the conceptual strength of this project. It is a Architecture planned under a holistic vision of its location. Continente ParkShopping is a work development based in the delicate look which, through a creative epiphany, observes the contrasts of the city and the occupied lands of our territory with the blue shades of ocean waters.

It is a project of a building designed to float on the city, gently fitting in the urban scenery like the landscape portrayed by a continental view.

Blumenau Norte Shopping

Santa Catarina, Brazil
2009 | 2011

The half-timbered assembly symbolizes a whole European culture, extremely present in the south Brazilian cities. Besides the unique aesthetics, which bring to its buildings a singular identity, the structuration of facades represents toughness and longevity.

Blumenau North Shopping celebrates this origins on its project, revisiting the traditional architecture and transporting its features to fashionable lines. A work of design composition responsible for the interweaving of a typical aesthetics with contemporaneity.

Mooca Plaza Shopping

São Paulo, Brazil
2009 | 2011

Catarina Fashion Outlet

São Paulo, Brazil
2008 | 2014


2006 | 2008

Passarela CEB | BRS

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2002 | 2003

The silkworm tracking is the conceptual path followed by this Project. This simple creature has a metamorphic life circle, knitting its own cocoon which not humbly produces a classy icon of world culture.

The metaphor set by the capacity of weave a shelter and all the atmosphere of sophistication coming from its production, besides the delicate shapes of its tiny body, are referenced by the design of this footbridge that connects two important centers of Rio de Janeiro: the Barra Shopping Center and the Forum of Barra.

ParkShopping Barigüi

Paraná, Brazil
2001 | 2003

The lark ascending experiences unusual transitions of environments. This poetic conclusion motivated the development of this intricate design, where the panoramic gardens are responsible for the integration of new stores and office towers with an existing mall.

It represents the first regional mall signed by PBA and it is a great reason of pride for us. The Parkshopping Barigui, a reference of excellence for the Latin American shopping center industry, will be further completed with a fashion opened area, located on the new third floor, even more integrated to nature.

New York City Center

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1997 | 1999


1997 | 1999