Garden Towers

Southeast, Brazil
2015 | (in progress)

The sparkle and the geometry of crystals provoke emotions since the antiquity. The singularity allied to the harmonic symmetries of these structures perfectly elucidates the sense of tridimensional organization related to this composition, besides the sophistication of this prominent renovation work.

A delicate project that highs limpid unusual objects, in balance with a complete building revitalization. It is the solidification of a landscape through crystals that emerge in a cloudy space, lavishing contemporaneity.

In a huge Brazilian metropolis, next to large retail enterprises, this project is part of urban regeneration work. To aggregate more dynamism to this region, the idea is to complement and regenerate an important center to this area.
The work designs a business tower integrated to an existent shopping center, completed by a new theater, adding entertainment to the complex. Besides, it was planned a huge renovation of the current mall façades.
Inspired by the local architecture, crystals emerge as the inspiration for this project. Thus, the concept is translated into sophisticated design of the high business tower and theater, through an inviting and contemporary architectural conception that meets the landscape both on a human scale in the street level, as the completion of the city skyline.