New York City Center

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1997 | 1999

The development of this bold architectural work was made in union with KMD Architects. This is the first entertainment center in Brazil, integrated to a traditional mall, a mark in the national industry of shopping centers. Different entertainment experiences such as restaurants, convenience stores, enormous cinemas and the huge operation of electronic games Game Works (also a PBA project), were designed inspired by the New York city, global trendsetter to entertainment and culture. This work became a reference to Barra da Tijuca neighborhood, a locality with expressive real state and economic development of the city.
Above the continuous ground floor and two underground parking lots, were inserted two independent pavilions, each on with three levels with entertainment and food operations, connected by covered bridges. Ground floor was planned to be an open mall, but covered with a very high tensioned membrane, and surrounded by the pavilion’s monumental walls that created the “canyon”, with shapes, colors and textures that enhance the festive atmosphere related to the theme chosen to be the essence of this center.