Shopping Anália Franco

São Paulo, Brazil
2007 | 2009

This work is the first expansion after the tenth anniversary of inauguration of this important shopping center in the eastern part of the state capital. Shopping Anália Franco, which already has been placed as first retail destination in São Paulo, required a great expansion to continue the success line and to connect more intensively with users, which like the shopping center, presents a continuous qualification, introducing new demands and aspirations.

The project included the expansion of the retail area to the existing parking on the third level, preserving the skylights, increasing the internal flow, which was also optimized through new escalators. Further, new floors of deck parking above the roof of the building were created to support the enlargement. The new decoration, designed to internal spaces renovation  aimed to meet the mentioned qualification of consumers, adding comfort and sophistication. The use of various types of finish materials and lighting design solutions helped to create different galleries with unique perspectives.