Shopping Contagem

Minas Gerais, Brazil
2008 | 2013

This regional mall is in Contagem city, located in a strategic thriving area of continuous growth and development. Shopping Contagem, with its 230 stores distributed along three floors, plays an articulator role in the area because integrates external and internal environments by its galleries and promenades, specially designed to a gentle connection of both ambiances.

The urban experience is reveled in the outdoor and indoor plazas that are naturally created by the volumetric conception. The mall racetrack, by the green galleries and beautiful panoramic views of the warm landscapes of Contagem, “sculpt” the glazed atrium, referring the outdoors. An ecological protection area nearby will become a landscaped park, where restaurants and squares will be set within special gardens. This is the major highlight of the project: a next-generation shopping center, open to a large green area, consolidating the post-industrial era in Contagem. A family oriented mall designed to be a destination in Contagem.