Shopping Taquara

Southeast, Brazil
2010 | 2022

A remarkable and live architecture. This is the main creative goal of the retail center located in a mature Brazilian metropolis. The greatest challenge of insert a new building in a consolidated urban grid is to create a differential, to attract an exigent and settled market and, at the same time, seducing younger eyes of new consumers. Work aimed to conceive a simple fashionable space combining city atmospheres to a cozy ambiance, housing this new universe of diversity and inclusion.

Design concept develops through a more simplistic view, where informality reduces trifling decorative features to give space to the rusticity of exposed concrete floors, ductwork and perforated aluminum ceiling panels composing a unique contemporary building with strong urban identity. Key of inspiration, the bamboo, representing an element of tropical nature which produces annually without the need of replanting and is renewed in the shortest time, touches this creative epiphany, translating perfectly, the independence, versatility and velocity of this project. Its delicate shapes, lines and colors intertwine with the tough elements of the building, tempering the environments and reaffirming its distinctive character. Besides that, the local mountainous skyline is also celebrated through beautiful artistic panels that can be enjoyed at the food court.