Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2004 | 2009

With more than 30 years, Barra Shopping Center is a trendsetter venture, an anchor to its macro-region since the 80’s till today. One of the biggest retail centers in Latin America, the mall demanded a delicate renovation that with gentile interferences, transformed its perception by clients and tenants.

The interior of Barra Shopping Mall went through a complete overhaul. Notably, the floors, ceilings, guard rails, pillars, stairs, food court and dining area went through a complete modernization. The difficulty of this project was that it continued as a working mall while the reconstruction was happening. Admittedly, the logistics of pleasing the store owners and allowing them to maintain a positive perspective with their client base was handled very delicately. However, due to the many restrictions placed on working hours and specific locations within, it lasted for five years. In the end, this renovation project proved to be very successful.