Botafogo Praia Shopping

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2009 | 2012

Botafogo Praia is a shopping Center inserted in the heart of the of Rio de Janeiro, located in one of most beautiful areas of the city, with multiple views to spectacular natural landscapes , like the world famous Sugar Loaf. It is a center that offers, mainly, convenience, that took space of an old commercial building, configuring a vertical mall. After years of operations, Botafogo Praia demanded a renovation through a project that rescued the grandiosity of this urban equipment transforming it quickly, without losing its current features appreciated by local customers.

Inspired by these magnificent landscapes and colors born from the nature of the city, the design concept of this work reformulated the food court and made sensible interventions on the facades and common areas. Project sought the “carioca way of life”, combining sophistication and informality into a cozy, contemporary and joyful environment.