Italian immigrants transformed the hills of Jundiaí into cines terraces, and you will also be able to notice a distinct topographic composition at the Jundiaí Shopping’s facades.

Jundiaí Shopping

São Paulo, Brazil
2008 | 2012

The Jundiai Shopping is a mixed use Project inserted in the city of Jundiai, a extremely important city to São Paulo, presenting the 9th economy of the state. As a productive engine, this complex conceptually was created from the idea of union of three major guidelines: sophistication, technology and efficiency.
A business and retail center that offers to the local population a never seen infrastructure of entertainment, services, stores and food. Composed by a regional shopping center and two business towers with independent accesses, this project has as the first goal to overcome the aspirations of the exigent consumer of Jundiai.
Thus, a didactic layout, sober colors and noble materials were selected to create a fashionable and contemporary building, with inviting environments, to enchant clients and consequently, be more efficiency to retailers and entrepreneurs.