The same motivation for the aerodynamics of the canoes, turbines and other manufactured artifacts, you will find at the roof design of ParkShopping Canoas.

ParkShopping Canoas

South, Brazil
2013 | 2017

Canoing on the Lagoon, impressionist artistic inspiration and also an ordinary relaxing moment between man and nature was the strongest creative stimulus for this design: a mixed use complex integrated into a public park.

This project is located in the south of Brazil, a region of intense concentration of European immigrants. This fact and the origin of the city of Canoas, old district of canoes factories, guided the creation of a new artificial lake and the aerodynamic structural shapes of the architecture.

Parkshopping Canoas is a great development, still in progress, situated in the city of Canoas, area of relevant growth, second economy of Rio Grande do Sul. This audacious project gives to this region a new way of life in the city, with way more comfort and the best retail, services, food and entertainment options, next to the wonderful landscape of the Getulio Vargas Park. Its pioneerism and strategic location represent a huge potential to impact whole metropolitan area.
Project was conceived to connect public spaces to the other uses of the complex, where this regional mall is located. Through the design guideline employed in this work, urban elements and the immediate surroundings interact directly with the architecture of large galleries, squares and gardens adjacent to the city park, protected only by a glazed facade, so that the outside visually invades the mall.
With a strong vocation for entertainment, another differential of the project is the creation of a permanent ice rink in the heart of the building, surrounded by squares and bleachers, offering even more life and animation to the mall.