Industrial gears are being gradually replaced by distinguished mixed-use spaces, as you can see in the award-winning ParkShopping São Caetano.

ParkShopping São Caetano

São Paulo, Brazil
2008 | 2011

The industrial origin of the Project location, the Espaço Cerâmica, as well as the historical vocation of its macro region, brought image of the project creation: the post-industrial gears. An essential element for the modern society that carries a conceptual luggage of power, energy, structuration and collective work.

Through these ideas, project develops chasing the rationalization of these concepts through a singular architectural design, which fits into a urban grid in this new neighborhood of São Paulo.

Parkshopping São Caetano is part of an extremely innovative project, located in the city of São Caetano do Sul, São Paulo. It is situated in the fresh neighborhood of Espaço Cerâmica, the largest revitalization project of an urban area in Brazil. The new neighborhood contains green spaces, public parks, residential and commercial buildings and the complex Parkshopping São Caetano, representing the core of this plan, developed through a sustainable project, with remarkable identity.
The complex has a regional mall, four office towers and a convention center, composing the business center. Architecture privileges the complex integration with the surroundings, having as the great guideline, the fluidity of all areas, through the most simple and didactic circulations.
The two main axes interact with the buildings glassed atriums, creating comfortable and secure internal and external paths. Important to highlight the terraces and restaurants situated towards the exterior of the buildings, explore the amazing south views, inside the lifestyle concept.