Rua Carioca

Southeast, Brazil
2014 | (in progress)

The Olympic fireball summarizes the joy found resulted of our effort. This figure of speech inspired the creation of this small shopping center connected to the athletes’ village planned for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

This venture will represent the top space of socialization in the Olympic Village designed to be transformed into a fashionable private residential neighborhood after the games. The highlight for the fireball emphasizes the great intangible legacy: human relationships.

This is a special work for our city. Designed to be a component of the Olympic Village, in Rio de Janeiro, this neighborhood center was planned to support the residential part of the 2016 Games infrastructure, offering services and retail, being a member of the legacy to the city, in this new born residential area.
Planned to remain a luxury condominium after the games, the Olympic Village demanded a commercial core with sophistication, with tradition and democratic aspects, but with an up to date look.
Unifying these two words, the project proposed an architecture that could achieve both qualities, with a dynamic volume with different and complementary solids.