Parque Global 01

Southeast, Brazil
2014 | (in progress)

The bamboo wisdom, witness of the victory of the land against the force of wind, has inspired the creation of this project: a large mixed use complex, designed to be one of the strongest business destinations in Latin America.

The high density of the buildings and the synergy between the activities led to the integration of architecture and urban planning, which was possible through the use of a background minimalist landscape. The sophistication of bamboo inspired the conception of facades, finishing materials, internal and external gardens, assisting the spatial fluidity and the formation of a unique and visual identity capable of generating an overall understanding, integrating and, simultaneously, distinguishing the office towers, hotels and shopping center buildings typologies. 

This is a work still in progress, characterized by a mixed use complex to be inserted in a huge metropolis of Brazil, dubbed “Bamboo Wisdom” because took its inspiration from the observation of these natural elements, which are witness of the nature power.The legacy thought and efficiency vision permeates the architectural design of this work.

A large enterprise planned to host one of the most powerful centers in Latin America, composed by a superregional mall, a business center with four office towers and hotels.
The strength of this project multiplies its potentialities through the integration of the spaces and the sophistication and remarkable architecture focused in one of the most exigent and aggressive markets of the continent.