Lagoa Center

Southeast, Brazil
2015 | (in progress)

A design emerging from the water. The volumetric composition of this mixed use complex develops through the fluidity of this element, which during its path define spaces. The concept comes from this dynamism that sometimes goes through a quiet horizontal path and, suddenly, vanishes with force in vertical falls, following a rhythmic way.

Following this idea, an artificial creek guides the buildings of this project through a cyclic articulation of the concept and the great source of energy of this work. It is the transformation of a torrid shed into a strong scenery that unbuttons in the city grid.

The legacy thought permeates again PBA’s designs. Like a river spring, this project develops from a current structure, built to host an operational segment of the Olympic Games, in Rio de Janeiro. This work prepares the future of this simplified equipment, transforming a huge shed into a magnificent business district and regional shopping center.
Inspired by this river spring concept, projects grows with its elements places among a artificial stream that runs over the existing shed, mixing itself with the facades composing the aesthetics of the base building, where de human perspective can achieve from the streets.

The high office towers also emerge from the concept with a dynamic volumetric conception referencing the water fluidity, completing the urban landscape, which already presents a contemporary look, but with continuous maturity.